Profile PictureKevin Kreuzer (kreuzercode)

Hey there! I'm Kevin, and I'm a passionate frontend engineer. You might call me a trainer, consultant, and senior front-end engineer, but really, I'm just a regular guy who's super into the modern web. I've got this Google Developer Expert title for all things Angular & Web, which is pretty cool. My story in tech has been a wild ride. I've seen web technologies go through some crazy changes, and I've been right in the thick of it. I've had the chance to work with big companies, helping them build, maintain, and upgrade their web apps and core tools. It's been a blast! But you know what gets me going even more than code? Sharing what I know with others. I love teaching and getting folks excited about modern web stuff. I do it on stages, in workshops, through podcasts, videos, and even in good old articles. Oh, and in 2019, I was the busiest Angular In-Depth writer – that was a cool highlight.

Mastering Angular Signals